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Advanced Stats
Advanced Stats
Fans who know the game want stats that tell the full story
  • Fully Opponent-Adjusted
  • Separate out garbage-time
  • Compare Conference or League
Post-Season Projections
Post-season Projections
Always know where your team stands
  • NCAA Selection/Seed Probabilities
  • Conference Seeding Projections
  • Final RPI Simulations
Favorite Players
Favorite Players
Follow your favorite players with customized metrics
  • Career and Season Rankings
  • Game and Career Trends
  • Historical Percentile Rankings
Want to try it?
Each week, I'm unlocking two teams to give you a feel for what LR PRO has to offer. This week, it's Cornell WLAX and Cornell MLAX.
Expand Your Fandom
LacrosseReference PRO is designed for fans who want a new way to engage with college lacrosse. In addition to what's laid out above, LRP Fan also includes:
  • Lightning Reports sent straight to your inbox at halftime and after the final whistle (Guru Tier)
  • Monthly AMA with Zack Capozzi, Founder of LacrosseReference (Guru Tier)
  • The latest and greatest in the lacrosse analytics you've come to love from LacrosseReference
  • 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Cancel anytime before your subscription ends if you aren't seeing the value
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