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More Advanced StatsDeeper Stats
The public site has always been about introducing a broad array of statistics to a general audience. The goal of PRO is to get into the nuts and bolts for users that want that extra layer of content.
Favorite PlayersFavorite Players
Have a favorite player, or two? Specify up to 3 players and get extra analyses around their usage patterns, offensive or defensive profiles, and evolution over time.
Rapid ReportsRapid Reports
Get the LacrosseReference perspective sent straight to your phone or email at within minutes of halftime and/or the final whistle. You'll know, what happened, as soon as it happened.
PRO Unlocked - Try it Free
Each week, I'm unlocking two teams to give you a feel for what LR PRO has to offer. This week, it's Towson WLAX and Johns Hopkins MLAX.
LacrosseReference PRO is for college lacrosse fans who want a new way to follow the sport. Basketball, football, even baseball. Pick almost any other sport and there are dozens of ways to follow. To date, college lacrosse fans have been less fortunate. Outside of watching games your choices are a) read the existing boring game recaps or b) hang out in forums. LacrosseReference PRO is for fans who want more.
With PRO, you'll have access to my most cutting edge statistics and deeper level of customization over the lacrosse content you see. And with my no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, you'll never have to worry whether it's worth the money. If it's not, just cancel any time before your subscription ends and get a full refund.