LacrosseReference: About Us
LacrosseReference PRO helps lacrosse fans get more enjoyment out of every lacrosse season.
The business was spun out of the original LacrosseReference site in 2021. The public site was all about exploring analytical concepts that are common in other sports. This site goes deeper into those concepts and in way way more detail.
PRO has 3 separate products that focus on 3 segments of the lacrosse community.
  • Fan is for fans and players that have gotten used to following sports through stats. This is especially popular with parents of active players because of the "favorite-player" feature.
  • Media is for people and organizations that cover the sport and want to incorporate statistics, both raw and in graphics, more easily into their work.
  • Team is for college teams (men's and women's) who are looking to take advantage of the new analytics to gain an edge on their competition.
The feedback I've gotten from the early adopters have been overwhelming positive, but if you are still on the edge about subscribing, I am proud to offer a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Just ask and I'll shut down your account and refund the full purchase price of your active subscription. It's that easy, which means it's that easy to give PRO a try.
Whether or not you decide to subscribe, thank you for your support of LacrosseReference. This is a small-business that eschews ads in favor of relying on product sales. I don't want to sell your attention to the highest bidder; I want to make a product that customers are willing to pay for because it enhances the enjoyment that they get from the sport of lacrosse. If you are so inclined, drop me a line; I always love to hear what people like (or don't like) about PRO or the public LR site.
- Zack Capozzi (Founder of LacrosseReference)
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