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Privacy Policy
1. Personal Information
To create your account, I have to store some basic information. I have tried to collect only what is needed. An email address is the only thing I require because obviously, the site would not work otherwise. Your name and phone number can be stored, but they aren't required. If you update your account information, having those pieces of information will make it easier should I need to contact you or vice versa, but you are under no obligation to share them.

Your use of this site is completely confidential. I may share summary statistics about number of users, but I would never share any information about the individual users without their explicit consent.
2. Payment Information
Credit card and other payment account information is stored (not in plain-text) in our database to enable easy renewals. This information is encrypted and only used to process payments.
3. Usage Information
I keep track of some usage information as a way to understand how users use the site. This is basic stuff like the number of times a user takes a certain action or views a certain report/visualization/etc. These actions are tagged with a timestamp, but I do not capture anything about the device or the device's location.
4. Contact Policy
I may reach out to users via email from time to time as a way to understand how they like using the service, but I will never call you unless you ask me to.
5. Deletion Policy
I am happy to totally delete your information from the site if you decide that you want to cancel the account. I will make sure that the information is purged within 7 days of receiving the request (barring unforeseen circumstances).
6. Contact me with any Questions
I am more than happy to answer any questions related to this privacy policy. To get in touch, use this contact form.
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