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The best lacrosse statistics. Period.
The best lacrosse statistics.
Why PRO?
When I started the LacrosseReference project, there was a very real sense that it might amount to nothing. Who was I to create a lacrosse analytics website, right? But the audience continued to grow, the ideas began to get some traction, and the content even found its way into the heart of the lacrosse media landscape. After 4 years, I'm proud of what LacrosseReference has become.

But I've also realized that there is a segment of the lacrosse world that is looking for more. The public site has always been focused on introducing new concepts broadly, but without much depth of detail. LacrosseReference PRO is designed to go deep on a few core ideas around performance and match-ups. You can "follow" your team on the public site, but if you really want to get the full picture, PRO is for you.
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